Downtime in the Winter

I apologize for the lack of posts and updates through-out the winter, we decided this winter to forego our winter event, and I believe it was a good idea since every single Saturday it snowed.

The season to ride is upon us – please watch for motorcycles

motorcycle accidentI share with you a letter from one of our recipients:

First and foremost, please accept my sincere THANKS for all you took care of for my family, Susie you were awesome, very caring and compassionate through it all…Thank you!

Our story begins like this, my husband was in an accident on his way to work 07.29.2013 when he was hit by an SUV.  He was being rushed to the hospital in very critical shape while our 2 children and I were in Washington visiting family.  We received a call explaining his injuries with the news of not knowing whether he was going to survive (multiple head and facial injuries)or if he did the quality of life he would have.  By the time we arrived back to Arkansas he had been transfered to a more advanced facility in hopes his prognosis would get better.  The days were long and hard not knowing, it even got to the point they called all the family in to say their goodbyes, Sam had not responded like they thought he should have……God intervened and turned things around.  He improved and was moved to a Rehab unit closer to home.  Sam is walking (with assistance), talking, learning to cope with vision loss(right eye) and left sided weakness….enjoying life everyday….Sam is our OVERCOMER.

 We were introduced to COFR through a friend.  In times like this you never know what to do or where to turn for guidance, support, etc.  God put COFR in our lives at the right time, they were a blessing to us…a lifesaver….Thank you all so very much!  Your organization is always in our prayers and will forever be in our hearts!   Sincerely from the friends and family of the Yandell family…. We thank you!

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