Giving Back To COFR

We are raffling off the Anthony Gomes & Tallan Noble Latz Autographed Bar Stool!

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A woman walked through the doors at Leathers 4U before our Winter Event, she came in with a donation for our raffle.  Then a week later, she came in with more items for our raffles.    A lady with such a big heart! Just wanting to help a cause they believe in.

These donations always help us with each event, I always say a million dollars in quarters is still a million dollars.  This woman and her husband came to the event and bought a raffle ticket for the autographed bar stool of Anthony Gomes & Tallan Noble Latz.

They won the bar stool, and they were so excited because they just love Anthony & Tallan! Jessica came in to pick up the bar stool last week, and just adored it…later that afternoon, her and her husband came back in the store with their daughter and they “gave” back the bar stool.

Why? Because they want us to continue to raffle off the stool to get more money for the charity.  Thank you to this family for your support and your genuine generosity!

We are auctioning this stool off! Get your tickets now, this  will be a collectors item someday! With the signatures of two very awesome guitar players, that Children Of Fallen Riders introduced.  Anthony Gomes and Tallan Noble Latz. We will pull tickets on July 3rd, 2012 in honor of Anthony’s Birthday!

Winner will have to pick up bar stool at Leathers 4u – or if you are out of state pay for the shipping charges once the raffle is over!

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3 Responses to Giving Back To COFR

  1. Traci Kopernik says:

    Reading this story just warmed my heart the point of welling up in tears ~ but I actually lived this story…..I was there when Jessica & her family came in & did what they did. I honestly have to say that I had to walk into another room b/c my heart got the best of me AGAIN & I started to well up (cuz I’m such a sap)!! What WONDERFUL people ~ we need more of them in this world!!

  2. Susie says:

    Everytime I speak to someone involved in COFR – whether it’s a donor, a recipient, or a volunteer, I feel the same way MAMA! The losses of loved one’s due senseless motorcycle accidents, has hit home, time & time again, one of the reasons, I have not yet made the commitment to ride. Cripes.. I can’t even walk right sometimes!

  3. Jenn says:

    I found this page a few weeks ago and keep up with it. I really wish I could help in some sort of way. I lost my Dad to a 17year old driver when I was only four. I can not tell you how much seeing people do things like this means to me. God bless you all. Jenn

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