Justice For Jason

Handling the death of a brother – seeking justice!

I was contacted this week by a gentleman all the way in Maryland, I can’t believe how far the reach of COFR can really go.   Rich invited COFR out to Maryland to be part of a run for Justice For Jason, we are honored that he reached out to us, and asked us to be part of this event that is very near to his heart – here is part of his story.

My brother Jason Kelly Ross was killed in a hit and run motorcycle accident that occured on 6-7-10 at Approx 2:35pm in Seaford Delaware on N/B Rte 13 @ Swain Rd. The driver of a reported marron or red Nissan Altima with Del tags pulled out in front of him and caused him to wreck which fatally killed him. He died at Christiana Hospital on 6-8-10 at 2:30 am. The police have not located the driver as of yet and I would appreciate all that will to post this to their page and see if we can find Justice for Jason.

Children Of Fallen Riders is located in the Midwest, but we never know whose path we may cross at any given time, sharing such a story with anyone that we can reach, may help Rich find his Justice For Jason.

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