McHenry Harley Davidson Hosts the 8th Annual Magic Carpet Ride

Children of Fallen Riders is honored to have McHenry Harley Davidson Host our 8th Annual Event.

COFR has helped 4 families over the winter months with Rent/Mortgage’s & Utilities.  We


also purchased 500.00 worth of Toys for the Toys For Tots Collection held by the Brothers Rising MC.  In the fall we also received many donations in from Mary Ann May who lost her husband in Texas in a motorcycle accident.  Our charity continues to grow and we are solely funded through donations and our fundraising events.  We did not have a winter event, time ran out on us and actually, I am glad – it was a hellacious winter and every Saturday in February it snowed.

I am so excited to be teamed up with McHenry Harley this year, it will be the best event yet!  We still need donations and volunteers.    Contact us at info at

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