So Many Reasons

Around the bend I see a date on the calendar, a day when I lost a dear friend four years ago. I did not lose him from a motorcycle accident, but from a heart attack, he was 47 when he passed.  He was a cocky son of a gun, and I honestly did not like him when I first met him. Judging a book by its cover is as we all know is a big no-no! We became very good friends, the impact of that loss and the moment I was told of his death are etched deep in my soul.

This loss did not leave me concerned for my financial future, or for a future without a husband, a wife or a child.

There are 3 key decision makers at COFR, and we each do this out of an internal passion, a drive, we have shared the stories with many, yet, sometimes there are silent reasons, those reasons, that need not be spoken, but those that you can see when a name is mentioned or a request is made, it’s that moment that is bittersweet.

I’d like to share a note we received in October:

Dear Susie & Children of Fallen Riders Charity

Anna and I would like to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for this help.  It’s HUGE! I will put this money into Anna’s savings account for her future, hopefully more school after high school; she may be a hairdresser one day.  Just like her mom was.  Mike and I would do many charity rides ourselves and I do believe in the saying what goes around comes around, because it came back to me.

Many, Many Thanks, God bless you all & ride safe.

It is this type of impact that we continue to grow COFR, each day we are here is a gift, and each day we can share with others is a blessing.  Each person involved with our organization deserves recognition.

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