The Benefits Of A Benefit

Spreading the word about something you have a passion for, meeting new people and learning there are people out there that do care about what we are trying to accomplish.  No matter their reason.  The 3 of us a the helm of COFR all have different passions for doing this, this weekend I learned so many different reasons from our supporters of why they support us as well.  It’s those that help us continue on… let alone we can throw a party!

I would like to say thanks to Landmark Aviation for coming out and supporting us this past weekend.  I met Josh Lewis through Mike & Shawna Lack (some of our biggest & strongest volunteers) and Josh and I emailed back and forth with his desire to help Children Of Fallen Riders.

Landmark Aviation came through with flying colors (no pun intended) and left us a little speechless with their generosity! With this group, speechless is a little tough to do at times.

It is sponsors such as this that continue in helping us grow.  Many people ask “what can we do to help?” You can spread the word, and make sure that you bring friends & family to the events to see what we are all about.  You can help through-out the year by passing along the word of what we do.  You can like us on facebook at Children Of Fallen Riders and ask people to donate – a million dollars in quarters is still a million dollars.

We had a blast meeting new people this weekend, and spending time with old friends. Tallan Noble Latz did a screaming rendition of the star spangled banner and than Redline Blue’s Band kicked off the night with those smokey old blues tunes.  Fast Times The Band came on and brought us back to the 80’s.  Than we brought back a little bit of the 50’s with Elvis on stage, what a man! Eve to Adam straight from New York and through the snow storm in Ohio came on next and pumped up the crowd.  Anthony Gomes Band as always wooo’ed the crowd with their 3 piece band entertained us and sent an electricity up through the floor that vibrated right into your soul.

Thank you for your support, continue to pass along what our cause is about to each and every person that you can share our story with.

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