The Road Continued To Wind

We recently helped a family that suffered a horrific accident; Children of Fallen Riders mission has always been to help children.  We step in.  These types of situations require us to act quickly and we are eager to assist the children of fallen riders.

We received a few comments to our website on the legitimacy of one particular case. We researched this case to the best of our ability at the time, as we have to sort through many comments, complaints and spam as does any organization.  These comments were not taken lightly. We always look to our supporters and outsiders for more information.   The story that was presented to us and the actual facts that later came to light were contradictory.

Sitting with our jaws dropped and our hearts heavy, the three of us, Tim, Joe & Susie, realized we must not only protect our organization, we must protect those that support us through our fundraising efforts from dishonest requests.  The information that was brought to us, kept us up at nights, we hoped that it was not true.   We would like to thank those that brought information to us that helped us get to the bottom of this.

Our hearts are still as open, big and as generous as they have been from the beginning, but there is a little scar there, that now will always make us a little more cautious and a little more skeptical.   We are working on a course of action.


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