Every year many bikers all over America hit the roads to ride for their favorite charities, Cancer Runs, Leukemia and many more. But sadly, when a motorcyclist loses his or her life in an accident or is unable to work and provide due to injuries, the fallen rider's family often has no one to turn to. We decided to change all that.

Children Of Fallen Riders is an organization for bikers in our local communities. The original concept was conceived through The Magic Carpet Ride Run, when Tim Adkins and Joe Dvorak lost a dear friend, Al Robbins. He died on his motorcycle and there was nobody there for him. Sadly that is the case that happens with many motorcycle riders. We decided to change all that. We wanted to be the charity that is there for bikers. Children Of Fallen Riders is a 501(c)3 Organization which is an EMERGENCY FOUNDATION to assist via emergency relief and support our brothers and sisters, caused by a biking accident. Children Of Fallen Riders is not a large organization, and we can not answer everyone's needs. Our mission is to assist those that have suffered a tragedy involving a MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT. We are growing and we want to be there for those that are less fortunate than ourselves in times of tragedy. COFR can take some of the burden off families that have suffered a loss. If we can pay a utility bill, grocery bill or give money for school cloths, we know that every little bit helps.

Our success greatly depends on the generous donations we receive from Businesses and Corporate sponsors. We would appreciate your consideration in donating cash, goods or services that can be used as prizes or auction items. All sponsors will be recognized at our event, and will be linked to our website.

We are considered an emergency foundation that can help our brother's and sister's in case of an accident and that is exactly what we are here for. Our name says it all - Children Of Fallen Riders. Tim says... "The day this foundation is not important to the bikers, is the day that we would be wasting our time", so please help us to help you, with the entire team, family and many friends of Children Of Fallen Riders."

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